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What's The Fastest Way To Sell Your Car?

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When you have an old car you no longer want, you may decide you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Here are some of the fastest ways you can sell your car.

Find a Local Auto Trader 

Auto traders are people or companies that buy cars for car dealers. Sometimes, they buy cars from individuals to sell to dealers. Other times, they buy used cars that people traded to a dealer that doesn't sell that type of car.

Auto traders will usually buy your car for cash. That's because they're going to sell it for cash to the dealer. Of course, you'll get a little less than you might from selling directly to a dealer, but you get the convenience of a quick sale.

Post-Ads Online

You don't need to go through an auto trader to post ads online. You can use online classified ads or auction sites. These sites often allow you to list your car for free. You do pay a transaction fee when you sell your car.

Advertising your car online usually gets you the most money since you're selling to someone who otherwise would have bought a car from a dealer. The downside to selling your car online to an individual is that you'll need to deal with test drives and make sure you verify the money they give you is real.

Sell to a Dealer

Many dealers will buy a used car for cash. Of course, it needs to be a car they usually sell. When you trade a car in, they will let you trade in a different brand, but when they buy cars for cash, they usually only want to buy cars they will sell on their own lot.

How much money dealers will give you depends on their current inventory. If you have a car they're short on, you may be able to get a higher price from a dealer.

 Sell Your Car for Scrap

 If you have an older car, your best option may be to sell it for scrap. When most people buy a car, they want one that will drive reliably.

If you're getting rid of your car because it has problems, you'll want to sell it to a scrap dealer. A scrap dealer makes money by selling your car for parts, so they'll still be willing to pay for it even if it doesn't run.

To learn more about how to sell your car for cash, contact a local car buyer today.

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