2012 Mosler MT900SP

2012 Mosler MT900SP

2012 Mosler MT900SP is one of the interesting vehicles that will amaze you much. Mosler MT900SP is considered as an extreme can be serving a certain segment on buyers in the market. Some people consider that this car is too insane to drive for it has wonderful race capacity. Only the people who have a deep pockets which can ride it on the race track. New MT900SP comes in limited […]

Volkswagen Touareg Edition X

2013 Volkswagen Touareg Edition X Official Revealed

2013 Volkswagen Touareg Edition X – The Volkswagen Touareg is now the age of 10, is not young anymore. Therefore, Volkswagen offered to fans celebrated with the presence of the Volkswagen Touareg Edition X. The number “X” in the name of the Volkswagen Touareg Edition X itself is taken from the number ten Roman. This special edition features include: a bi-xenon headlights, a panoramic sunroof and 19-inch alloy wheels. Besides […]

2014 Audi RS7 Sportback

2014 Audi RS7 Sportback review and specs

2014 Audi RS7 Sportback - Audi has officially introduced the 2014 RS7 Sportback at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Audi RS7 Sportback is a car that will compete with the 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe, two cars were also present at the exhibition. Under the hood of the Audi RS7 Sportback powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 gasoline engine that can generate power output of 560 horsepower (412 kW) and […]

2012 Acura NSX Price

2012 Acura NSX ConceptĀ is a two-seat sport car which gains much attention from the buyers in the market. This car was sold in the market from 1990 up to 1991. The modification of this NSX series has been done between generations through the appearance of the body style, engine and handling. The chic and stylish interior design of NSX is accentuated by the presence of metallic look trim, monochromatic interior […]

2012 SSC Tuatara Rear Details

SSC North America Drops Shelby Name From Title

SSC North America, Manufacturers supercar from America and creator of a record of the Ultimate Aero and the 2012 SSC Tuatara, a newly launched. Announced that it will drop the Shelby name from the title, then select only use the nomenclature of the SSC. It was intended that their identity as a North American manufacturer of supercars. According to the Americans, now is the time to clear up potential confusion, […]

2014 Mazda3 Sedan

2014 Mazda3 Sedan officially released

Mazda has finally released the first photo of the 2014 Mazda3 sedan that has been awaited by his fans and the plan was released at the end of this year. All new Mazda3 sedan comes with a fresh look and compact with elongated roofline and the rear is made more interesting when compared to the Mazda3 five-door. Inside. 2014 Mazda3 Sedan comes with the interior as you would expect with […]