2012 Mosler MT900SP

2012 Mosler MT900SP

2012 Mosler MT900SP is one of the interesting vehicles that will amaze you much. Mosler MT900SP is considered as an extreme can be serving a certain segment on buyers in the market. Some people consider that this car is too insane to drive for it has wonderful race capacity. Only the people who have a deep pockets which can ride it on the race track. New MT900SP comes in limited […]

Lotus Exige S Roadster

Lotus Exige S Roadster ready to be launched

The quickest sports convertible Lotus has never made, it is the first Lotus Exige s Roadster to come fixed with a soft-top directly off the set up range. Operated comes from a 3.5-liter V6 obtained from the Exige S vehicle with 345 hp and 295 lb-ft of twisting. From front lighting to back side, its competitive position underlines a efficiency reputation few can coordinate. Its 345 hp (350 PS) revved-up […]

Aston Martin V12

Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster at Geneva Auto Show

Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster will be revealed in Geneva Motor Show this March 2012. People cannot wait to see the first appearance of this V12 Vantage Roadster since the buzz is getting hot each day about this car. The paparazzi love to spy this car having some tests in Nurburging. V12 Vantage Roadster offers fun driving under the hood. It is perfect for the buyers who have a lot of money […]

2013 BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport Edition

2013 BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport Edition

2013 BMW 5-Series Exclusive Sport Edition – Everybody’s producing exclusive models in Japan these days. A few days after Volkswagen introduced the Golf Erste Edition in the Land of the Rising Sun, fellow German automaker BMW is set to have its own limited-run, Japan-exclusive model. It’s called the 2013 BMW 5-Series Executive Sport Edition and as you can tell, it’s been tagged as an exclusive model by BMW because of the […]

2015 Giulia Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept

2015 Giulia Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept Preview

Alfa Romeo Concept Gloria going to provide as a preview of Giulia all new models planned for releasing in 2015. Designed by students at the European Design Institute (IED) in cooperation with the Alfa Styling Center, Gloria concept make its international debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The Giulia is officially released next 2015 in Europe, USA and Asia and will be an important model for the company’s goal of […]

2014 Mercedes S class

2014 Mercedes S class pictures leaked

2014 Mercedes S class has leaked up on the internet once again, now by means of a exposing new released media picture. The shiny marketing taken comes on the pumps of spy images acquired by TMR in Apr that provided away much of the new limo’s style, with only light cover up blocking the better information. As predicted, the big automobile would wear the new style terminology that came out […]