2012 Mosler MT900SP

2012 Mosler MT900SP

2012 Mosler MT900SP is one of the interesting vehicles that will amaze you much. Mosler MT900SP is considered as an extreme can be serving a certain segment on buyers in the market. Some people consider that this car is too insane to drive for it has wonderful race capacity. Only the people who have a deep pockets which can ride it on the race track. New MT900SP comes in limited […]

Volkswagen Phaeton Premium

Volkswagen Phaeton Premium review and price

Volkswagen Phaeton Premium – Volkswagen has confirmed to offer their cars in the premium package with the name of the Phaeton. Volkswagen Phaeton Premium is designed to give customers a deluxe version is priced at a discount. Volkswagen Phaeton comes with boasts exclusive ergo-comfort leather seats that have received permission from the Federal Association of German Back & Spinal Schools (Bundesverband der deutschen Rückenschulen eV). Besides some of the above […]

2013 Ford Fiesta Van

2013 Ford Fiesta Van review and specs [video]

2013 Ford Fiesta Van is the latest entry of the Fiesta Van model that will hit the road in early 2013. The Ford Fiesta Van is a versatile and stylish car that is suitable for both business or urban driving purposes. It also offers such a class-leading fuel efficiency in its class. Unfortunately, GM said that the 2013 Fiesta Van doesn’t receive major improvements. Among the unchanged elements of the […]

2013 Opel Cascada

2013 Opel Cascada officially revealed

2013 Opel Cascada – Opel will introduce a new mid-size a convertible called the Opel Cascada and they also have released full details of the model. All-new Opel Cascada has a length of 4697mm and a width of 1840mm. This model also comes with version 4 seats right into the cheapest car with a price tag estimated to 25.000 pounds. 2013 Opel Cascada comes with the platform of the elements […]

2013 Vauxhall VXR8

2014 Vauxhall VXR8

2014 Vauxhall VXR8 is prepared with Eaton supercharger and 6.2-litre LSA V8 motor that pushes the back tires. This implies that it is able to deliver nearly 600 hp (441 kW) and a soundtrack assured to create your hair take a position on end. 2014 Vauxhall VXR8 has a product new front-end design: strong design and superficial slam perspectives emphasize car’s size and position. However, the emphasize of the top part […]

2014 Dodge Durango

2014 Dodge Durango Reviews

2014 Dodge Durango - Not wanting to let Vehicle get all of the SUV attention for the 2014 design year, Dodge is introduction a rejuvenated edition of its 2014 Dodge Durango at the New York are able to Automated Show. Taunted in this picture, all we can really tell about the Durango is that it will be getting Dodge’s “racetrack” taillights just like the Charger and Dart. Around front side, the […]