2012 Holden Colorado Seat

2012 Holden Colorado Release Date

2012 Holden Colorado has been officially introduced by the automakers this year. When seeing at the Holden Colorado on the first glance, many people think that it is virtually a bit similar with Chevy counterpart. This vehicle is the second generation of Holden Colorado. It has been released in the Australian International Motor Show and seems to gain much attention from the enthusiasts. 2012 Holden Colorado Exterior and Interior. The exterior […]

2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder Rear Side

2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder

The company’s top car “Ferrari” has announced its newest product Italian 2012 Ferrari 458 Spyder with some power. This will make a serious competitors for the other racing car lovers. Some facts are known is Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder will have a mild Handtop drawn, and the power should remain exactly the same as that found on coupe models. Known facts are that the 458 “GTS” will have a retractable lightweight […]

Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2

New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Review and Release Date

New Mercedes-Benz A-Class has been introduced in 2012 Geneva Motor Show. This is one of the most anticipated cars this year. There are three types of grades available as options for the buyers. You can pick AMG Sport, Style and Urban. This concept actually was revealed in New York Auto Show 2012. The design elements reflect the look of B-Class. New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Exterior and Interior. A-Class looks fabulous and aggressive. The unique […]

2014 Chevrolet Impala 6

2014 Chevrolet Impala Sedan for New York Auto Show

Chevrolet has successfully introduced the new object of desire with the brand new 2014 Chevrolet Impala. The first debut is headed on 2012 International New York Auto Show. The automaker promises that this next generation of Impala will be different than the outgoing edition. Exterior and Interior Chevrolet Impala looks stronger. This full-size sedan offers improved ride and handling. It seems that the dimension does not change much. However, the engineers […]

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 By RK Motors Interior

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 By RK Motors

Here is a great rare car, became seizure classic car collectors because it is very comfortable for the ride. “1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 By RK Motors“, RK Motors know how creating a new atmosphere for the Mustang Boss 302, after 30 odd years, these models are collected in Michigan and received restoration in Maryland. The result is amazing for the design of Ford’s best. In a few months ago […]

Citroen C3 Red Block Front Side

Citroen C3 Red Block Special Edition Released in Geneva

Citroen C3 Red Block is one of the best cars from the French automaker, Citroen. Citroen C3 Red Block Special Edition has been headed in the 82nd edition of Geneva International Motor Show. There are several updates and modifications that you can see to improve the performance, handling, suspension, cosmetic characters of this new vehicle. The C3 Red Block looks exclusive and stunning. Citroen C3 Red Block Exterior and Interior. The automakers offer […]