Lincoln MKZ Concept

2012 Detroit Auto Show Concept Cars

At the 2012 Detroit Auto Show Concept Cars there are many, which would be a puzzle for automakers and consumers. Even pihat car manufacturers just make it without any concept of production as a step further. This time it will discuss the best Concept Cars at 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Toyota NS4 Concept Toyota NS4 Concept comes with a stylish feature that will come in the future and similar to […]

Volkswagen E-Bugster 9

Volkswagen E-Bugster concept

Volkswagen has officially launched the Volkswagen E-Bugster concept at the North American International Auto Show. For the exterior, the 2012 Volkswagen E-Bugster concept distinguished by a chopped roof, flared fenders and 20-inch alloy wheels. There are also LED daytime running lights, interior and charming two-seat EV-specific gauges. Almost equal to the Ragster concept, under the hood of the Volkswagen E-Bugster concept is equipped with a 695 lb (315 kg) lithium-ion […]

a3 sportback

2013 Audi A3 Sportback Coming in the Paris Motor Show

2013 Audi A3 Sportback - obtained based on the latest news, Audi will introduce specifically for the new A3 Sportback at Paris Motor Show which takes place next month. Based on some form images of photographer, 2013 Audi A3 Sportback is similar to the 3-door variants, but for an extended wheelbase and features plus two rear doors. Under the hood of the Audi A3 Sportback planned to be supported by […]

2013 Nissan Micra Font view

2013 Nissan Micra Review and Prices

This is the rejuvenated 2013 Nissan Micra, also known under the April nameplate in some countries, which was officially exposed in Thailand this week and will be rolled out in other markets around the world, such as Europe, over the next few months. The present fourth-generation Micra now is in its third season of manufacturing. 2013 Nissan Micra functions a mild cosmetic makeover that presents a newly developed fascia with […]

2014 Dodge Durango

2014 Dodge Durango Reviews

2014 Dodge Durango –┬áNot wanting to let Vehicle get all of the SUV attention for the 2014 design year, Dodge is introduction a rejuvenated edition of its 2014 Dodge Durango at the New York are able to Automated Show. Taunted in this picture, all we can really tell about the Durango is that it will be getting Dodge’s “racetrack” taillights just like the Charger and Dart. Around front side, the […]

2013 Acura SUV-X Concept

2013 Acura SUV-X Concept in Shanghai

2013 Acura SUV-X Concept is a international concept vehicle for a little SUV creating mainly for the China industry. This is the first here we are at Acura to present the globe elite of a perception style outside of Northern US. Psychological and distinct style and generating efficiency, together with the ecological efficiency of a little vehicle and excellent application of an SUV are all merged together at a innovative […]

Subaru BRZ RA Racing

Subaru BRZ RA Racing introduced in Japan

Subaru BRZ RA Racing – Subaru presents their racing cars for a generation Subaru BRZ in Japan. Subaru BRZ RA is designed to be a race car to compete in the arena track. This model has been equipped with an improved cooling system, high-performance brakes and a Torsen limited-slip differential. In addition there are also points winches, sport seats with four-point harnesses and a six-point roll cage. All that is […]